Nov 16, 2021 • 40M

#9: Vijay Kedar on Tomorrow Health and Simplifying Home-based Medical Care

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Exploring the ideas, strategies, and companies shaping the future of healthcare.
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On this episode I sit down with Vijay Kedar Co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health where they are working to simplify home-based medical care. They are tackling this problem in several different ways, which we dive into during the conversation. We discuss Vijay's biggest takeaways from the 2021 healthcare conference circuit and perspective on the industry, his motivation for starting Tomorrow Health, and some of the logistics of delivering high quality care to the home. 


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(1:27) HLTH Conference takeaways 

(4:36) Impressive healthcare companies 

(5:47) His path into healthcare 

(9:09 ) Tomorrow Health 

(12:29) Shift away from home based care 

(16:14) Barriers to home based care 

(20:06) Regional focus of healthcare 

(21:50) Patient experience at Tomorrow Health 

(24:17) Benefit for suppliers 

(25:30) Other D2C attempts 

(28:57) Surprising markets 

(29:40) Companies that inspire him 

(33:57) Growing the team 

(37:29) Hard Things About Hard Things